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Name:Dr. Alexander Hinton
Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:Princeton, New Jersey, United States of America

DR. ALEXANDER HINTON @ itsrainingmen

Alexander Hinton is the middle child and one of two sons of Caleb and Jessica Hinton, a local-area stand up comedian and a sports journalist respectively. Their eldest (and only daughter) is Vanessa and their youngest, another son, is Jeff. However, in between Alex and Jeff was a second daughter, Louella, whom they lost in infancy to meningitis, which had a big impact of Alex's choice to become a doctor later in life. The siblings grew up very close, along with their cousin, Logan Hayes, whose dad was Jessica's brother before she was killed in a car crash when Logan was a baby and left Logan's dad a single father. The two families were all each other had in New York, as Logan's dad, George, and Jessica were each other's only siblings, and Jeff's dad and Logan's mom were both only children.

The family went through a rough patch when Vanessa fell in with the wrong crowd in high school, and got tied up in drugs and alcohol with her boyfriend, Andrew. Vanessa was completely in love with the local bad boy, but it all went horribly wrong when she got into the car with Andrew when he was high and he wrapped the car around a tree, putting himself into a coma. Alex's parents freaked out and moved the whole family away so Vanessa wouldn't be near Andrew or the mess the tragedy left. She has never seen him since, and her love life from then on suffered because she struggles to trust anyone. But she turned her life around and ended up going to med school. It was Alex's pride of his big sister making the dramatic changes for the better she did that ultimately had him working extra hard and going to med school himself.

But where Vanessa went to New York University, Alex made it to Ivy League and scored a placement with Columbia in the City. He had a distinct interest in Infectious Diseases because of the sister they lost, and when the time came for his first residency, it was in Infectious Diseases at Mount Sinai Hospital. Now, he lives in Princeton, New Jersey, where he scored a fellowship with the Department of Diagnostic Medicine, headed by Dr. Robert Chase. He loves being a doctor, and he is proud of what he has achieved, but despite being a very hard worker, he's more than a bit of a free spirit in his personal life.

Alex came out as gay to his family when he was 15 after experimenting sexually with a neighbour. It more than helped him realise where his sexuality laid and even though he had a small handful of relationships, the only one that ever really stuck was with Beau Watson, whom he dated on and off during his last couple of years of college when Beau was just a freshman. Ultimately, it didn't work out because Beau was a bit of a restless guy in general and his spontaneous nature was hard for Alex to keep up with, and especially when Beau started seriously dating his best friend, Liam. After that, Beau was well and truly off the market and once he began his own internship, life just ended up busy and they went back to being friends. Alex has always played around, but he has never cheated when he was dating. When single, he enjoy casual sex and hook-ups, and is known as a bit of a flirt at work, but everyone knows it's just his friendly nature. He has a wonderful bedside manner, and even though his patients are usually quite ill with what they are facing, it means the world to him when they thank him for taking care of them.

DISCLAIMER: Alex is an original character and based on post-series finale, House, M.D. canon. His backstory is the work of her mun. He is also played tied into the plot at [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. No copyright infringement intended. His PB is Justin Hartley, who belongs to herself.

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